Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Changing Public roads to Toll ways: Not the answer

We all know Austin has a traffic problem, but Austin City Council Member Brewster McCracken and other members of CAMPO think that making toll ways or changing current roads to toll ways is the answer. I think this is the wrong answer for Austin. I want to list the roads that McCracken and other members of CAMPO want to change: U.S 183 (Springdale Rd. to Patton Ave), Texas 71 (Riverside Dr. to U.S 183), U.S 290 East (U.S 183 to Teas 130), U.S 290 West/Texas 71 (Oak Hill 'Y' area), and Texas 45 Southwest (Mopac to FM 1626). Wow, this is a big change for a lot of commuters. It seem to me that the Republic party and their constituents have talking control of Austin and are stick it to the people. This is all about making the rich, richer, and the poor, poorer. With all the people moving to Austin, you would think that this would generate more money in the economy around Austin and this money could be used to make new roads for free (paid by our taxes). Where is this money going to? Don’t listen to radio ads wanting you to call your local officials to take action; is the organization spear heading the toll road conversion here in Austin. I ask that you read this article. The facts are clear. If we let these five proposed toll ways take place then we will get tolled for drive our kids to school.....or worse.

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